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3 Belief Systems Present In Depression

Jibike (Not real name)  walked into the psychiatrist’s office looking trendy and corporate.She had a great job with one of the multinational firms and had even just returned from an official trip where she represented her company for a  conference.

Her story was she  had been finding it  difficult to sleep at night for weeks.  Next thing she started weeping profusely stating she was anxious about her health and the possibility of her lack of sleep affecting her mental health, how this could impact her future and of course her chances of getting married, having children and living long. She also felt an overwhelmingly low self-esteem; everyone else was better dressed, more intelligent, more successful, more driven, more focused  compared to herself and she went on and on painting a gloomy picture of her life with no bright spot to discover.

Jibike was actually experiencing the 3 patterns of faulty thinking,common in people who are depressed or susceptible to becoming depressed. They are called the Cognitive Triad of Depression  which entail negative thoughts about:

# 1 Self: The individual sees self as deficient,worthless or flawed; minimizing achievements and magnifying faults.

# 2 The world/Environment: The Individual gives negative interpretations to events and/or actions of people around.

# 3 The Future: The future looks hopeless. Individual views their current suffering as permanent and everlasting.

Do these thought patterns sound familiar? Have you or (someone you know) consistently been experiencing these 3 thought flows for some time now?

Then maybe it should be better investigated.

There is always hope and it is very possible to come out of this thought pattern. Your self esteem can pick up, you can resume trusting and your future can look bright again.

You just need to seek expert help and quickly too.

Be sure to consider confidentiality and professionalism when doing so.